Another Steak Please

My photography sucks, hope you get the picture ...
1.1 lb New York Strip, 1.5" thick.

I bought it because of Mike's recent post of a killer ribeye. That steak burned an image in my memory and I needed a fix.

I rarely get the good cuts right when I grill. Low 'n slow is easy, the nice cuts require some experience. I added salt and pepper, got a smokin' hot kettle ready for direct, on Mike's guidance, 9 minutes (no peeks, no touch) on the first side, 7 minutes on the other, 5 minutes rest (the family was getting hungry) and served up for the 3 of us with roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Food of the gods. Thanks Mike. Wish the image conveyed more accurately how nice it was. Even the dog got some of the fat. She's just as happy as us.


Unknown said...

Dave, I am so glad to have helped. I tell you, that looks absolutely amazing. The picture perfectly captures that caramelized crust and delicious medium rare center. Yum, yum, yum...! I'm hungry all over again!

Dave said...

The only thing I cheaped out on was the beer. I did see Hop Slam, but it was $17/6 pack. Ouch. I had a brown ale from Left Hand. Pretty nice.
Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Think nothing of it, I am seriously happy to help. You are right about the Hopslam...expensive. I'm trying to make mine last. I'd like to do a vertical tasting with next year's.