In which I drag an accomplice in to help me embarrass my family

A nice day for a few hour holiday to break bread with a friend.  Thanks Bryant.


Jon in Albany said...

Very cool. I've got to learn how to work dough. I'm really not good at it.

I used the dome on Friday. Good results. I've got to figure a way to get better heat reflection off the lid to cook the top of a pizza.

Unknown said...

I love it! I really need to sit myself down and construct my own firedome. I love the way you slap the door down. It's as if it is just another day making pies in the backyard!

Dave said...

John, if the fire is distributed about the perimeter of the bottom part of the kettle, the heat should be uniform top and bottom. Maybe your surface thickness is changing something?

Mike, I have a better design I'm playing with. If I get an extra dome, I'll bring you one. It's only taking me an hour or so to slice it up.

I'm now using an intact flange on the top and a small slice of a door (looks like a wrap-aroud windshield that stays open for cooking and stays down for extinguishing or even grilling (albeit a little drafty).

Got you in the queue, but be patient. Life interferes with truly important pursuits.