Teeny weeny offset smoking box to cold smoke bacon. (Smoke Daddy smoker)

Thanks my love (finally used my xmas gift).
This rig was assembled from a standard 22 1/2" Weber kettle, a Thunderbelly stainless steel insert (don't even know the website for that anymore) and a SmokeDaddy (.com) cold smoking thingy. I smoked using some chips I had lying around (maybe mesquite?) for about 8 hrs. Ambient temp inside was low, only about 60°F. That little blue tube comes from an aquarium pump and blows smoke from the offset into the big chamber, it's all part of the SmokeDaddy.

 See finished product.


Mike said...

Sweet...I've been waiting to see you post about this.  The bacon looked great!  I've not gone to the SmokeDaddy site yet.  Do you need the Thunderbelly?  I've so wanted to cold smoke before, are you sold?

seligmansdog said...

Oh yeah, I'm sold.
It's an interesting device, it mounts to a 1" (or 7/8"?) dia. hole and does it need a thunderbelly?  No, in fact, it doesn't even need a grill.  It mounts handtight (but needs a degreasing after) into a chamber.  The little connecting pipe and silver part get hot, but the chamber doesn't at all.  It warmed up to around 60 because it was in the sun all day and enclosed.  

I think you could safely plumb it into a wood box.  It needs frequent recharging, so I'm going to check how the Traeger pellets do, pretty dense stuff, should do better than chips.  

If bought again, I might go with a higher capacity model to get more smoke per charge.  But, it's also not clear when to finish cold smoking something, there's no clear endpoint that I can find.  

I'm doing trout next.  A friend gave me a bunch!  

Anonymous said...

www.smokedaddyinc.com. That's where to get the cold smoker and pellet smokers.