The Food Experiments: Columbus (smoke) - 36 hours to go...

Updated during the day leading up to The Food Experiment: Columbus, check back once in a while and buy a ticket, see you at Skully's Diner Sunday July 15th 1-4 pm.
My dish: bulgur/turkey meatball, smoked in tomato served in a mini brioche bread bowl...

We receive an unexpected surprise,
Theo's Prize for Experimentation
We bask in culinary glory all night.
Thanks for bringing The Food Experiments to Columbus Theo

we pack up, we serve 200 treats

Frankie, my assistant full speed counting brioche.

baked at 375, 250 to go

proof and egg wash

risen and ready

6 Kg brioche dough set in fridge for overnight
see you at 5

ready to go

 ready to go to braise, very rare please

smoky braise in light tomato sauce using cherry

 ground turkey, bulgur, etc.  280 of them

 getting coals/wood ready for braising

 smoked tomato sauce to braise the meatballs

using the extender to cook the big pot of sauce


Anonymous said...

Excellent job Dave.


Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

Congratulations for taking on the challenge and winning something. I do hope you will wear the undies on your head with pride.

Also, Frankie looks like she is twenty in that picture!

Dave said...

Thanks Stacy!

Cookerati, we enjoyed it - but exhausting. May be a spectator next time.

Thanks Rachel. Frankie is on a step stool, so the image is kind of deceptive, but older looking for sure, scary.

Cheryl Harrison said...

Those meatball looks amazing.