Food Experiment: Columbus Edition, the theme is smoke

The past week has been eventful with the heatwave, no power and various other imminent end of the earth as we know it kind of indicators.  These events have conspired to trip up our efforts to prepare for The Food Experiments Columbus Edn, alas, fear not dear reader, we are back and experimenting our ass off.  In this contest, amateur cheftestants make something that highlights the theme, in our hometown, it is smoke.  We will be competing for glory (and a few material goods), but glory is the biggie - it is what we live for.  The competition will be held at Skully's from 1-4 July 15th.  

Given our fondness for meatballs, we will be compiling said morsel incorporating many layers of smoke-infused goodness.  I can't give too many details, but it will encompass:
  • a grain
  • the fattiest muscle of a certain semi-flightless bird
  • a cheese
  • an herb
  • layers of smoke to taste
  • it will not be kosher
That's it kids.  On the morning of the competition our kitchens will be busy, sous chef at my side, making about 300 of these little nuggets, we're hoping we do not look like we have a snood ourselves.  Judges: please have mercy.

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