This is a little something different.  I used a prep Trish uncovered from a French video.  It uses a full charge of yeast, no sourdough/poolish/starter/chef/levain or anything like that but does have a delayed fridge rise.
Here it is in short note form:
flour 1000 g
water 700 g
mix, knead briefly, let sit for an hour (autolyse)
add salt (17 g) and yeast (Fleischmann's rapid) (7 g) and knead (machine)
let rise in fridge 12+ hours
let warm a couple hours at RT
portion into loaf size (in this case 425 g x 4)
round the dough and let rise about 2h
dock and bake in 450 convection oven for 10 min
turn oven to 350F for additional half hour

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