Long ago, I was famous

Tonight, I went to OSU to see Trish receive a distinguished award for one of her papers. While eating about 2 pounds of bacon-wrapped scallops, one of her fellow faculty members mentioned the time he saw us on a Weber Grills commercial. The commercial was originally filmed before YouTube was popular and then an abbreviated version got archived. Here it is.

It was fun to be famous.


Rachel from Harmonious Homestead said...

I'd never seen this, thanks for posting it. Is that a little Frankie too?

Dave said...

Oh my gosh, Frankie is in there! The original commercial was about a minute, I wish I could find it.

Jim said...

That looks like pre Clintonville days too.

Now if you help me build a brick pizza oven at the new house, I am sure we can get you back on TV where you belong.

Dave said...

Your house? Get the plans ready, I'm in.

The location was E Maynard, Univ District. Where the OSU fans pee a lot in the yards.