Giada's Nuts

It's been a rough year. Family tragedy followed by moving to a new house (not a home yet). The move's good, but stressful. The family tragedy? Well, things will hopefully get better over time. Don't know.

Just wanted to log this recipe for an unbelievable looking mixture of spiced nuts that, if they turn out well, will be gifts next year. And, I hope they're good because no one, with the exception of Frankie and Trish, got a thing this year. Sorry all.

Here's to 2007 being a better year.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I'm sorry to hear you've had a tough year - and I very sincerely hope that 2007 brings you joy.

Reading your posts has certainly inspired me over the last few years. Merry christmas, and here's to good cooking in the future.

Dave said...

Thanks Meg. I'm hopeful it'll be better. Got a new brotform and some breads I want to try with it, so should be some good posts coming. Merry Christmas to you as well.

Dane said...

Dave, whatever happened, I hope the situation improves for you and your family.

A move is always a fresh start; may the new house and new year bring better luck.

Dave said...

Thanks Dane (I always thought it was Dania),

My father just passed away a couple weeks ago after a 10 month battle with ALS.

Frankie and I just made biscuits in the new home. Things will get better with time.

Guy said...

Heh, you said Giada's Nuts.

2006 blew monkey snot. Let's see how 2007 does, one week at a time.


Dave said...

Well, with a gift like this that my loving wife and daughter got for me, we're off to a good start.

Guy said...

Alright, it's time to post something new. I'm tired of reading about her nuts.

xo, Biggles

Dave said...

Yeah, no shit. I just roasted some killer beans but not postworthy. I gotta get some pork going or I'm going to burst. I also got a wireless temp probe that goes to 492-def-F! Gotta do something with that baby soon.