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I am getting dangerously close to the dark side. Smoked Tofu.

Inspired by Heidi's marinated tofu and my recent experience smoking kielbasa, I'm preparing to try something I haven't observed yet. Application of smoking to explore new fusion cuisine. Tennessee meets Southern China.

I scored some apple smokewood at Weiland's Gourmet Market yesterday, as well as some extra firm tofu. The texture of kielbasa is similar to that of tofu. Fine grind, kind of amorphous, soft. I intend on smoking it for about 1-2 hours with a heavy dose of apple.

My friends on the Weber forum may never reply to my posts again. A risk I'm willing to take to take on new challenges.


Andrew said...

The tofu is wrapped in bacon, right? You forget to mention that part.

Did the applewood come in chunks or woodchips-I wouldn't mind scoring some chunks for my cookshack (the chips burn up too fast).

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was considering propping up a pork butt with the spongy tofu to prevent it from getting hurt.

The apple is just chips, it says it's a 180 cubic inches and it was about $4. I've been itching for apple to try. Can't wait - even if it is tofu.

Lorence said...

Thanks, Dave, I hadn't laughed much today (it was a very busy week today) until I read that post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lorence, too glad to help. I've had a lot of time for silliness this week. It was the week of the sick child and no sleep. I think she's on the mend, finally.