weber_cam will soon be so darn tedious, nobody will visit!

I've been hunting for an affordable means to measure temperature over time between the range of about rt to about 400-500-deg-F. I have found it! This little baby is selling at MicroDaq for $82 and I jumped on it fast.

It takes conventional K, J and T thermocouples giving a range of temperature of -200 to about 4,000-deg-F (should be adequate). Acquisition frequency can be adjusted from every second to every 12 hours; it stores zillions of data points. Then, plug it in to a USB port and analyze the smoked pork shoulder goodness like few have ever analyzed it before. I will bring bbq pork to a whole new level. I'm giddy with anticipation.

What am I going to use it for you ask? Long burn bbq runs, warming dough from the fridge to find the perfect temp for proof/baking, determination of exothermicity of fermentation (bread and beer). Yes, this blog, with all 20-something daily visitors should soon turn so tedious, I should be able to diminish my traffic to 5 or so in a month. I can't wait.

I will however have some of the most reproducible, robust processes in all of food preparation/processing. Temp profiles posted after my first pork picnic roast overnight run.


Andrew said...

This looks like a great gadget to have, so never fear Dave, I'll still tune in. I'll be curiouis if you hit the same plateau at about 160 that I always hit when smoking a Boston Butt.

Anonymous said...

Ah, my faithful ones never leave.

Actually, for long cooks, I don't often take the internal, I was more curious about the dome temp. I figure, maybe incorrectly, a Boston butt gets to temp pretty quickly and the rest of the cooking is for a nice bark on the outside. Should be a fun toy though.