The ravioli machine

Last night, I got about 4 lbs pasta dough mixed and put in the fridge. Today, Mrs. Davesbeer made the cheese mixture. I rolled dough, the kid stuffed and the Mrs. cut. About 200 made in about 2 hours with a side of noodles for the upcoming week.

Now, it's off to Studio 35 for the new Jim Carrey Christmas Story.


Chilebrown said...

I love ravioli's! What kind of sauce are you going to make? Happy Holidays to You!

Jibran Ahmed Khan said...
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Dave said...

No posting links.

Hey Chile, tomato sauce always. Sometimes I put them in soup.

Ed Schenk said...

Homemade pasta is the best. Just did a Fennel and ricotta filled ravioli.

Dave said...

Hi Ed,
Your fennel and ricotta ravioli look pretty amazing.