The Results

Peforated Pan/Brotform Loaf In yesterday's post, I babbled about the opportunity to use of this nifty new pan and bannetton I was using to bake a boule with nice volume and crackly crust.

Although, my recipe was only a quick rise dough, the results were very nice. The crust, initially was crackly and the interior tender; after cooling, because it was slightly enriched (with olive oil and honey), the crust became softer but still maintained some tooth.

The real victory of the day came using these tools and this kneadless process. I've been somewhat obsessed ever since I watched this video and I had an amazing success story yesterday. When I get reproducibility on it, you'll be the first I tell. I used the recipe, but my own cooking method.


Guy said...

Looks fricken gorgeous. I could not do that.

What does it look like slice with 6 grilled sausages inserted for a nice sammich?


Dave said...

Thanks Dr. B. 6 grilled sausages is darn tempting but we used a similar loaf for an open face sandwich with "hot meat" (Frankie's term for pulled pork). Mmmmm.